Daucus carota L.
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Carrot "DARINA".
A late variety of Berlikum type with high yield potential. The root is 20 - 22 cm long, oval with a medium-blunt to blunt tip. The head of the root does not turn green, either on the surface or internally. It does not have anthocyanin colouring. It is highly resistant to splitting of the root. It is outstandingly healthy and has a good shelf life. It has high beta-carotene content.

Porgand hiline Darina
Carrot. Bot.: Daucus carota L.

* The juiciest carrots are those with thick, short roots. Such carrots make good juice; they are put in salads, used raw as a side dish, and also pickled. Carrots of other varieties require prolonged heat treatment, so it is recommended to stew, boil, and prepare casseroles, cutlets, and puddings from them.
* Vitamins are especially destroyed if carrots are cooked in an open container. Therefore, be sure to cover the pan in which vegetables are boiled or stewed. It is also important that there is as little free space as possible under the closed lid.
* Soup with carrots always turns out beautiful: carotene colors the fat in which the carrots were fried in orange or amber tones.
* Peeled carrots wilt quickly. You can’t keep it in water: vitamin C is destroyed and mineral salts are lost.
* It is better to store peeled carrots in a container without water, covering the top with a clean, damp cloth napkin (no more than 2-3 hours).
* Overcooked carrots are not only less tasty, but also less nutritious and less healthy.
* Carrots will be preserved better if you sprinkle them with an aqueous infusion of dry onion peel before storing them.

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