Daucus carota L.
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Carrot "Red Giants 2" (on the tape).
Best for storage!
Medium-early, very fertile variety. Root is bright orange, juicy - this variety is to those who want to grow root crops that are suitable for juice. Carrots are rich in vitamins C, B, B2, B6, PP and K, and minerals. It can also be used fresh or processed, stay well in winter. Grows best in humus rich, not soggy loamy or sandy loam soil. Carrots are sown in the same place no earlier than after 4-5 years.
Seed tape advantages: more abundant, better quality harvests. With adequate moisture, seeds germinate quickly and evenly. The culture is orderly, spaces between the lines are equal, so weeding and the crop covering with gardening film is easier and more convenient. Before laying the tapes, water the soil. Then cover the tape with soil and water abundantly.
A 4 m long tape can yield about 350 high-quality root crops and harvest of 35-45 kg.

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