Ricinus communis L.
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Bronze-leaved castor bean "Sanguin".
Large herbaceous plant up to 200 cm high. Stem straight, branched. The leaves are large, dark red. It is used for decorating walls, planting in groups and singly on the lawn.

Sowing time: March, April.
Planting seedlings: May.
Planting method: seedlings.
Plant height: 1.5-2.0 m.
Distance between plants: 50-70 cm.

Agricultural technology.
The plant prefers a sunny location, light fertile soils, abundant watering. Sowing is done in late March - early April in pots, the seeds are lightly sprinkled with light earth. Shoots appear in 20-30 days. Seedlings are planted in open ground when the threat of spring frosts has passed, maintaining a distance between plants of 50-70 cm.

Eng.: Castor Bean Gibsonii.  Bot.syn.: Ricinus sanguineus hort.

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