Papaver commutatum L.
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Ladybird poppy - Papaver commutatum.
For the garden in natural style and lovers of unusual flowers.
An unpretentious and drought-resistant annual that blooms profusely in the middle of summer with large bright red flower cups with black dots on the petals, reminiscent of spread wings of a ladybug. The plant forms a vertical bunch of thin, branched flower stalks. Leaves up to 15 cm long, pinnatifid, appressed-pubescent.
Flowers solitary, apical, corolla up to 5-6 cm in diameter, petals up to 2.5-3 cm long, broadly obovate. Stamens numerous, yellow.
Plant height 40-50 cm. Blooms in July-August.
Graceful and delicate poppies look great in the company of marigolds, cornflowers and cosmos in borders and flower lawns. They prefer a sunny location and light soil. Cold-resistant up to -7-10 °C. In culture since 1876.
Agricultural technology.
Seeds are sown in April - early May for seedlings in indoor greenhouses. Seed material germinates abundantly under glass, and seedlings will develop normally in warmth with an optimal level of humidity. Seedlings are transplanted into open ground after the end of the threat of spring frosts.
1.0 g = 7700 seeds.

Eng.: Caucasian scarlet poppy, Ladybug poppy.

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