Dianthus caryophyllus chabaud
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Carnation chabaud "Benigna".
Sophistication in every flower.
A perennial plant grown as an annual in our cool climate. The bushes are inverse pyramidal, compact with a clearly defined main stem, 45-60 cm high.
The flowers are large, 4–7 cm in diameter, double, fragrant. Leaves with a gray or blue coating. The edges of the petals are jagged.
Used in flower beds and for cutting.
Sowing: January-February. 1,0 g = 550 seeds.
Emergence: after 7-14 days.
Flowering period: July-October.
Distance between plants: 25-30 cm.
The plant prefers an open sunny place. Tolerates frosts down to minus 2-3°C. Prefers well-drained, loose soils. The seeds are sown in January-February in boxes, lightly sprinkled with damp sand. The planting container is covered with glass and placed in a lighted place.
At a soil temperature of +18+20°C, seedlings appear in 7-14 days. Seedlings dive in the phase of two or three true leaves. Seedlings are planted in a permanent location in May, maintaining a distance of 25-30 cm between plants.

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