Capsicum frutescens L.
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Compact hot pepper "Adorno" - Capsicum frutescens.
Compact plant with greeny-violet leaves. Produces dark green fruits which grow pointing upwards and ripen reddy-violet.
Early ripe (85-93 days) variety for cultivation in open ground, under film shelters and at home as a pot culture.
The plant is bushy, sprawling, 50 cm high. The fruits are directed upwards, conical.
The value of the variety: long and abundant fruiting, decorative.
Suitable for use in home cooking: cooking paprika, as a spice, sauces, various pastes and canning vegetables. One small pepper is enough to give a unique spicy taste to a three-liter jar of cucumbers. In medicine, an alcohol tincture of bitter pepper fruits is used for back pain, rheumatism and sciatica.
2-3 bushes of this plant will decorate your room and provide the family with a spicy vitamin seasoning for a whole year...

Bot. syn.: Capsicum annuum var. frutescens (L.) Kuntze, Capsicum fastigiatum Blume, Capsicum minimum Roxb.

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