Capsicum annuum L.
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Chili pepper "Grisu" F1.
Spicy seasoning all year round!
Early ripe (100-110 days) hybrid for greenhouses and film shelters. The plant is erect, well-leafy and 80 cm high. The fruits are elongated-prism-shaped, 14 cm long, weighing 70-80 g, bright green in technical ripeness, and red and shiny in biological ripeness. Fruits of strong sharpness, juicy, with a thin wall, pronounced peppery taste and aroma.
The value of the hybrid: resistance to tobacco mosaic virus, stress resistance, abundant and long fruiting. It holds the record for the content of vitamin C. The source of rutin, which is responsible for the strength of the capillaries of the circulatory system. Also contains trace elements: calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine; nitrogenous substances, essential oils and carotene.
It is recommended for fresh and processed consumption, as well as a spicy spice for numerous dishes and sauces. With vegetables, meat and fish, it will add a piquant taste to dishes.
Fruits can be stored without losing marketability and taste for several seasons. One of the best varieties for use in canning is in home cooking and in the production of chilli paprika.
Growing conditions.
Sowing for seedlings: the depth of seed placement is 1 cm. Before emergence, the crops are covered with a film or glass. The optimum temperature for seed germination is +25°C.
Plant out seedlings when the danger of frost has passed. The culture is thermophilic, demanding fertility and soil moisture.
Cannot be planted together with sweet pepper.
Sowing: February (3) - March.
Transfer: May (2.3) - June (1).
Harvest: July-September (1.2).

Eng.: Chile Pepper Red. Suom.: Chilipaprika. Sven.: Chilipeppar.

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