Callistephus chinensis
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Aster chrysanthemum "White Delight".
Chrysantella harmoniously combined the vitality and beauty of asters and chrysanthemums.
The plant is an annual plant, 60-80 cm high with a powerful thick stem, forms 10-15 second-order peduncles on one bush. The flowers are dense, large (12-15 cm in diameter), pure white in colour, with a magnificent hemispherical shape. They are absolutely not afraid of rain!
The high quality and density of the inflorescences allows you to obtain amazing cut flowers for bouquets.
Grown through seedlings: for flowering in August - September, seeds are sown in April - early May (do not cover the seeds with soil!)
The optimal germination temperature is +15+16°C. Picking seedlings in the phase of 2-3 true leaves into separate pots. Temperature for further cultivation +14+16°C.
Seedlings are planted in open ground at the age of 40-50 days. Planting pattern: 15x20 cm.

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