Chrysanthemum arcticum
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Arctic chrysanthemum (Arctic daisy) - Chrysanthemum arcticum.
The plant is unpretentious and develops in permeable clay soil located on a rocky base or with good drainage. The plant propagates by dividing rhizomes or cuttings, best in spring. For this, apical shoots are selected, which are planted in sand mixed with peat for rooting.
Each specimen is planted in a permanent place in spring or late summer at a distance of 20-25 cm from one another. Frequent transplanting is not necessary, as the plant can withstand in one place for a long time, often for many years. It is frost-resistant, but in the hollows where cold air accumulates, and in climatic zones where winter quickly sets in, it does not have time to bloom.
In rock gardens, chrysanthemums are placed in small areas, in particular, in large gaps, where profusely flowering cushion thickets are formed.
They are also used in flower walls to revive the autumn landscape.
Cut flowers.
Flowering: IX-X.
Zone: Z1-8.
Height: 30 cm;
Colour: white and pink.

Arctic daisy, arctic chrysanthemum. Bot. syn.: Arctanthemum arcticum, Dendranthema arcticum (L.) Tzvelev.

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