Tropaeolum majus
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Double climbing nasturtium "Salmon gleam" - Tropaeolum majus.
An abundance of double flowers with a salmon color and a pleasant aroma.
Semi-creeping shoots up to 1.5 m long. The spurs of the inflorescences are long, slightly curved.
Blooms profusely from June until frost. Used for vertical gardening, balcony boxes.
1.0 g of nasturtium seeds contains approximately 8 pieces.

Tropaeolum, Mungalill, Kress

Eng.: Climbing nasturtium. Suom.: Isoköynnöskrassi. Sven.: Slingerkrasse.

If you think that nasturtium is very commonplace and it certainly will not work for your garden, you are mistaken...
This flower, like no other, will fit into almost any garden concept: fashionable, ecological or any other.
After all, it is no coincidence that nasturtium was one of the favorite flowers of the Impressionist Claude Monet, which occupied large spaces in his Giverny garden near Paris (the garden, by the way, has survived to this day).

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