Cobaea scandens
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Monastery vine (mixture of colours) - Cobaea scandens Cav.
Honey-scented Vine Pollinated by Bats Growing 15-25 feet in a single season.
Cobaea scandens is often grown as an annual, though it is actually a perennial in its native Central America.
The flowers start very pale greenish-white, then turn a rosy purple and gradually darken until falling off after four days.
Cup-and-saucer Vine will grow rapidly over a fence, trellis, or wall. Its stems cling by branched tendrils that grow on the end of each leaf stalk.
A Victorian favorite!

Cobaea scandens White, Mehhiko vanikkuljus Valge

Eng.: Cup-and-saucer vine, monastery vine. Suom.: Kelloköynnös. Sven.: Klockranka. Bot. syn.: Cobaea lasseri Pittier, Rosenbergia scandens.

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