Coleus blumei
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Flame nettle "Kong Green Halo".
A popular ornamental-leaved plant that is used with equal success both as a houseplant and as a garden annulus.
Height 46-61 cm.
Growing it from seeds is a great pleasure, since even beginners in floriculture succeed in it perfectly. The leaves do not fade in the sun, and their rich color remains throughout the season. Fast-growing "nettles" look good in container compositions with other summer houses, in groups, on flower beds, in curbs and arrays on ridges.
For maximum decorativeness, Coleus needs bright light, protection from winds, light nutritious soil. To prevent the plant from wasting energy on flowering, remove the flower arrows as soon as they appear. Sowing seeds for seedlings in March: sow superficially, without embedding, under glass. Seedlings appear in 10-12 days. With the appearance of a pattern on the leaves, the seedlings dive into separate pots. When the plants reach a height of 7-8 cm, a forming pinching is carried out. Planting seedlings in the ground - in early June.

Eng.: Coleus, Flame nettle, menthol plant. Suom.: Kirjopeipit. Sven.: Palettblad. Bot. syn.: Plectranthus scutellarioides (L.), Calchas acuminatus (Benth.), Calchas atropurpureus, Calchas crispipilus, Calchas scutellarioides, Coleus acuminatus, Coleus atropurpureus, Coleus blancoi Benth., Coleus crispipilus (Merr.), Coleus formosanus Hayata, Coleus gaudichaudii Briq., Coleus gibbsiae S.Moore, Coleus grandifolius Benth.

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