Aquilegia x hybrida
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Columbine "Mc Kana Giants" (colour mix).
Graceful flowers of various colours!
An elegant plant with delicate bluish leaves. A beautifully shaped bush, 70 cm high. The flowers are very large. Blooms from May to July.
Used for planting in groups in flower beds, in herbaceous borders and for cutting. Cutting is done when the first 3-5 flowers bloom.
The plant is quite cold-resistant and undemanding to growing conditions; Light, well-moistened soils in shaded areas of your garden are best suited for planting. Seeds can be planted immediately directly in open ground, immediately in a permanent place, when the threat of severe night frosts has passed. The seeding depth is 0.5 cm. When planting, maintain intervals between future plants of 30-40 cm. At a temperature of +14+18°C, seedlings appear within 3-4 weeks.
Subsequent care consists of periodic weeding, loosening, regular abundant watering and fertilizing. Flowering begins the next year. Autumn planting can also be done. In one place, aquilegia can grow for up to five years.
It is recommended to cover the plantings for the winter.

Columbine "Mixture", European columbine, culverwort, European crowfoot, granny's bonnet, true columbine.

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