Aquilegia caerulea nana
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Low double columbine (mix of colors).
Very decorative variety with double flowers.
The plant is 40-50 cm high, with a spreading bush shape. The leaves are dissected and glaucous. The flowers are large and of various colours.
Blooms in June-July. Used for planting in groups in flower beds, in grassy borders, for cutting and in dry winter compositions.
An undemanding plant, but it achieves the greatest decorative effect when grown in semi-shady places and on light, fairly moist soils.
Seeds are sown in late April - May directly into the ground. At a soil temperature of + 14 + 18 ° C, seedlings appear in 20-30 days.
The distance between plants is 30-40 cm.
Recommended storage period for seeds: 1 year.
Number of seeds: 1.0 g = 500-1000 pcs.

Eng.: Columbine, culverwort, European crowfoot, granny's bonnet.

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