Valerianella locusta var. oleracea
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Lambs lettuce salad "Vit".
Valerianella (field salad, valerian or feldsalat) is one of the main frost-resistant varieties of winter salads. Forms oblong petiolate, whole rosette leaves. With the earliest sowing, the first leaves can be harvested at the end of August, but much later. Grown under the film, the leaves are softer. The outer leaves are trimmed with a sharp knife so that the crop can be harvested until late autumn. The leaves of this salad are distinguished by a sweetish specific taste. Contains a large amount of vitamins, mineral salts, carotene, has medicinal properties; the leaves are used to prepare salads, sauces and garnishes for meat and fish dishes.

Valerianella locusta Põldkännak Corn salad Vuonankaali Vintersallat Валерьянница Полевой салат

Corn salad. Bot. syn.: Valerianella olitoria (L.) Pollich.

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