Cosmos bipinnatus L.
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Garden cosmos "Picotee" - Cosmos bipinnatus.
"Space Beauty"!
A graceful, wonderful flower for decorating gardens, urban plantings, flower beds, flower beds, and also for cutting.
The plant is annual, highly branched, up to 100 cm high. It is distinguished by especially beautiful large flowers 8-9 cm in diameter and openwork pinnately dissected leaves. Inflorescences are baskets on long peduncles. White, with a contrasting pink-cherry edge of the petal, the flowers cover the branched stems in abundance.
Blooms early and blooms throughout the summer season. It is especially widely used in amateur floriculture. Thanks to its straight, dense bush, it is well suited for flower beds and group plantings on the lawn.
Cosmea is stunningly beautiful in bouquets. To do this, the plant needs to be cut at the stage of half-opened buds. Then it can stand in a vase for up to two weeks, delighting the soul with its grace.
Agrotechnics: Cosmos is undemanding to soil, but grows better in loose and nutrient-rich soil. Tolerates light partial shade, but develops better and blooms more abundantly in sunny areas.
Seeds can be sown directly into the ground in mid-May (1,0 g = 190 seeds). For seedlings from March to mid-April. The seeds are pressed into the substrate without sprinkling soil on top, since they need light to germinate. At a temperature of +15+18 °C, seedlings appear in 1-2 weeks. Seedlings are planted at the end of May at a distance of 30-35 cm. They tolerate transplantation well.
Further care consists of timely and regular watering, withered inflorescences are removed - this stimulates the formation of new buds.

Cosmos bipinnata
Tall cosmos, cosmea, garden cosmos. Bot.syn.: Cosmea bipinnata Willd.

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