Cucurbita pepo L. var. giraumonas
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Courgette Zucchini "Striato di Napoli".
A mid-early, bush variety that produces elongated fruits 20-25 cm long.
Agricultural technology.
For zucchini, light, fertile soils with low groundwater are most suitable; it does not tolerate acidic soils.
The best predecessors are early vegetables, onions, root crops, tomatoes, potatoes. Before planting, the site is dug up and fertilized with organic and mineral fertilizers, as well as ash, and lime if necessary.
Sowing of seeds is carried out in late May - early June after spring frosts have passed. Seeds are sown in holes 2-3 pcs. The distance between the holes is at least 60 cm. After the emergence of shoots, the weak plant is carefully removed.
Further care consists in regular watering, loosening, hilling and top dressing. Fruits are harvested regularly with an interval of 2-3 days, preventing them from overripening.
Zucchini can be grown through seedlings. Seedlings are sown for seedlings in early May, seedlings are planted in open ground in early June in the phase of 2-4 leaves.
1.0 g = 6-8 seeds.

* Zucchini seeds remain viable for 5-7 years. At the same time, it is better not to use fresh seeds for sowing, because they form very vigorous plants with many male flowers and low yields. In plants grown from 2-3-year-old seeds, leaves and lashes develop weaker, but plants form abundant female flowers, bear fruit better and are more resistant to diseases, incl. and to viral ones.

Eng.: Courgette Zucchini. Bot.: Cucurbita pepo L. var. giraumonas.

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