Cucumis sativus L.
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Medium-early, fertile gherkin cultivar. For growing outdoors, under cover. Small fruit, they must be picked every day. No cavities are formed when caning and pickling. Grows best in weedless soils protected from winds. Cucumbers are recommended to plant in the same place after 2-3 years. 1 g contains about 35-50 seeds.



To prevent cucumber leaves from turning yellow:
* After the emergence of seedlings in the development phase of 3-4 leaves, cucumbers must be treated with the following composition: add 30 drops of iodine, 20 g of laundry soap and 1 liter of milk to a bucket of water. Spraying can be done every 10 days.
* Dilute 2 liters of whey and 150 g of sugar in a bucket of water. Spray and water cucumbers. After such treatment, ovaries form again on cucumbers and peppers, and they bear fruit.
* Pour a 700 gram jar of onion peel into a 10 liter bucket of water and bring to a boil, remove from heat, close the lid and leave for 12-14 hours. Strain, squeeze out the husk. Dilute with water: 1 liter of infusion - 4 liters of water. Copiously spray the tops of cucumbers and spill the soil.
* Spray and water the cucumbers with a whey solution: 1 liter of whey in 5 liters of water.
* Adjust watering: perhaps the cucumbers do not have enough water or the water for irrigation is too cold.

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