Cucumis sativus L.
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Very early, high yielding, "mini salad" type self-pollinating hybrid. Grown in pots - open balconies, PE greenhouses. Fruits are green, smooth, 12-14 cm long, weight 100-190 grams, not bitter, very tasty, good consistency. Fruits can be picked when they are 10 cm long. The hybrid is resistant to fungal and virus diseases: cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), downy mildew, scab (Ccu). Resistance will help you to grow high-quality harvest without using chemicals, in accordance with agro-technical requirements. Optimum seed germination temperature is +27+28°C. 1-2 seeds are sown to the pots; the strongest plant is then replanted to the permanent place. Cucumber seedlings grow within 25-30 days. Seedlings grown in February require additional light. 1 m2 can accommodate 1-2 plants.
10 seeds will cover the area of 5-8 m2 the forecasted harvest under favourable growing conditions is 35-45 kg.

Eng.: Salad cucumber. Sven.: Salladsgurka. Suom.: Kasvihuonekurkku. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

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