Cucumis sativus L.
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Pickling cucumber "Rodos" F1 - Cucumis sativus L.
Medium early, productive hybrid. No bitterness.
The strong sprouting cultivar with small leaves and have a good taste. 
Long period of vegetation. Resistant to major cucumber diseases. It is intended for fresh use, for canning and salting.
Agricultural technology: cucumbers are grown by sowing seeds in the ground or through seedlings. For growing seedlings, various nutrient mixtures are used, to which mineral fertilizers are added. The seeds are sealed to a depth of 1.5-2 cm and left at a temperature of + 25 ° C. After emergence, the temperature is reduced to + 15 ° C. When the threat of frost has passed, the seedlings are planted in the ground. Cucumber seeds are sown in the soil warmed up to + 12 + 13 ° C. The crops should be covered with foil. After emergence, care consists in weeding, loosening and watering. Watering should be carried out only with warm water, after sunset. During the growing season, 2-3 dressings are carried out.

* We get our own cucumber seeds.
For growing cucumber seeds, it is better to use film shelters and apply artificial pollination. Several well-developed plants, typical of the variety, are selected and on them, the day before blooming, male and female flowers are isolated with pieces of cotton wool in 3-5 nodes of the main stem. When the flowers open, the females are pollinated with two or three males taken from another plant of the same variety, and again isolated with cotton wool. When the ovaries are enlarged (after 3-4 days), the isolation is removed. With careful artificial pollination in one greenhouse, you can get seeds of several varieties. Seed fruits are harvested when they acquire the typical color for the variety (dark yellow, brown) and mesh. The collected fruits are ripened for 5-6 days until they soften, cut and spoon the seeds with the pulp into glassware with a spoon, fermentation lasts 3-4 days and is considered complete if, when the pulp is squeezed, clean seeds remain in the hand. When washed, light seeds and pulp float up, after which they are removed. The washed seeds are dried and stored.

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