Cucumis sativus L.
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Gherkin "Shchedrik" F1 (series 1+1).
Early ripening (45-48 days from germination to fruiting) parthenocarpic hybrid of female type of flowering and bouquet arrangement of ovaries.
Designed for cultivation in open and protected ground. Sowing seedlings at the end of April. Planting seedlings in the ground in late May - early June. Seedlings are planted in the phase of 3-4 true leaves. Sowing directly into the greenhouse - in mid-May. Planting pattern 50x50 cm.
Fruit are 10-12 cm long, weighing 90-110 g, often tuberous, white-thorned, without bitterness. The fruits are dark green in color with light stripes. 5-8 ovaries are formed in the leaf axil. The hybrid is resistant to true and downy mildew and root rot.
The yield of one plant is 5.5-7.0 kg.
The fruits are used universally.

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