Cucumis sativus L.
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Greenhouse cucumber "SuperStar" F1.
Early, self-pollinating slicing type hybrid. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus and scab. Vegetation period is 66 days from planting the sprouts.
Fruit are slightly ridged, dark green, 25-30 cm long, weight 380-420 grams. Growing in a greenhouse for early spring, summer harvest.
Used fresh. Grow best in humus, fertile, soil permeable to water and air.
1,0 g = 35-50 seeds.

Salad cucumber. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

Soda in the garden:
* A solution of soda (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water) is poured over cucumbers to prevent premature yellowing of the leaves.
* To ward off caterpillars, sprinkle cabbage leaves with soda.
* Soda is one of the effective remedies against powdery mildew. A solution of a teaspoon of soda in 1 liter of water is used for preventive spraying of cucumbers.
Gooseberries and currants are treated with a complex remedy: 1 tbsp. spoon of soda, 1 aspirin, 1 teaspoon of liquid soap, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vegetable oil per 4.5 liters of water.
* If you grow grapes on your plot, then do not forget to spray the vine with a solution of soda - 75 g per 10 liters of water during the ripening period of the berries. This procedure protects the grapes from gray rot, and also increases the sugar content in the berries.
* The same solution can be sprayed on all fruit trees to combat leaf-eating caterpillars.

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