Cucumis sativus L.
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Gherkin "Rodnichok Natur" F1 - Cucumis sativus L.
Bee pollinated. The main lash is long (2-2.5 m), forms up to 4-5 side shoots. Productivity in film greenhouses - 15-23 kg/sq.m, in an open ground - 5-7 kg/sq.m.
Features of agricultural technology.
For film greenhouses and open ground. When growing in a greenhouse, it is recommended to pinch the main lash above the trellis, and the side ones - above 2-3 knots.
Mid-season: begins to bear fruit 49-62 days after emergence.
Gherkins are cylindrical, slightly tuberculate, with a smooth base, 9-12 cm long, 4-6 cm in diameter, weighing 85-104 g. The pulp is crispy. The taste of fresh fruits is 4.6-5 points on a five-point scale. Fruits without bitterness, retain commercial qualities for a long time.
Resistant to anthracnose, tolerant to bacteriosis and olive blotch.
Usage: General Purpose.
In film greenhouses, Rodnichok F1 produces a large crop of high-quality fruits, which makes it possible to grow them both for their use and for sale. The fruits have an excellent taste, suitable for all types of canning and home cooking. Due to the evenness of the fruits, they do not need to be sized during canning and pickling, they look great in jars. Fruits do not lose their qualities for a long time, which facilitates their storage and transportation.


* For the cucumbers to be strong and crispy when salted, in no case should the tips be cut off, because cutting the skin of the fruit, makes them soft and wadded.

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