Brassica oleracea var. acephala
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Curly kale "SCARLET".
A mid-late to late variety. The plant is 80-120 cm tall. The leaves are violet-green, blistered and very curly.
After the first frost, the colour of the leaves turns to violet-blue, which has a considerably decorative effect in the snow in winter.
This variety is highly resistant to frost. It can survive temperatures down to -18 ° C. The recommended plant spacing is 60 x 80 cm.
Unlike other edible cabbages, in this variety, the loaf’s leaves do not twist. The plant can also endure more cold weather, that s why if you leave this plant outdoors, you will be able to pick fresh leaves even in December. You can transplant them to a pot in autumn, and you will have an original decoration until spring. You can grow these cabbages in winter, on your balcony. 
The leaves are dark violet. Plants grow up to 60 cm in height. Suitable for soups, salads and food decoration. 
1 gram = 260-310 seeds.

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