Capsicum chinense L.
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Decorative pepper "Pyramid" F1.
Simultaneous variety of colours!
Early maturing (85-95 days) hybrid for open ground, film shelters and for growing in indoor conditions.
The plant is compact, 15-25 cm high. Fruits are small, conical, brightly colored, with a bundle arrangement (5-6 pieces each).
One plant simultaneously forms up to 30 bright fruits from white, yellow, orange and purple to bright red. The taste of the fruit is spicy.
The value of the variety: long and abundant fruiting, decorative.
Suitable for use in home cooking:
cooking paprika, as a spice, sauces, various pastes and canning vegetables.
One small pepper is enough to give a unique spicy taste to a three-litre jar of cucumbers.
2-3 bushes of this plant will decorate your room and provide the family with a spicy vitamin seasoning for a whole year...
In medicine, an alcohol tincture of bitter pepper fruits is used for back pain, rheumatism and sciatica.

Decorative pepper "Pyramid" F1.

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