Cucurbita pepo L.
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Decorative pumpkin "Pear Bicolor" - Cucurbita pepo.
A fast-growing variety with showy fruits for outdoor cultivation.
Climbing plant (about 3 m), well leafy. The fruits are small, weighing 0.2-0.3 kg.
The plant is warm and light-loving, responsive to watering and organic fertilizers, grows well on the "dung cushion".
Grow up for vertical gardening of a garden, dressing of verandahs, buildings.
The fruits are well stored at room temperature, they are used in floristry for decoration of decorative compositions.
The optimum soil temperature for seed germination is +20+25°C.

Eng.: Ornamental pumpkin. Suom.: Koristekurpitsa. Sven.: Prydnadspumpa.

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