Universal insecticide
Brand: MKDS
Packaged:250 ml
Ex Tax: 5.45€
DICHLOFOSS is a universal insecticide in aerosol form for the destruction of crawling and flying insects in the premises: flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, etc.
This drug is intended only (!) For the destruction of flying and crawling insects, and not for the protective treatment of plants from pests.
Instructions for use: windows and doors must be closed before use.
Remove food, cages with animals, aquariums from the room. Cover items that may come into contact with food.
Shake the aerosol can vigorously before spraying.
* For the destruction of flying insects in a room of 14-18 m2, spray for 5-7 seconds. After 15 minutes, ventilate the room so that the specific smell disappears.
* In the case of crawling insects, dust all the perimeters of the room (windows, vents, baseboards, door frames).
Precautions: during processing, there should not be strangers and animals in the room.
Do not spray insecticide directly on storage, cooking or eating areas.

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