Anethum graveolens L.
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Bush type of dill "Amazon" (series 1+1=3).
For repeated cutting.
Mid-season (40-45 days from germination to harvest) variety. The rosette of leaves is raised. The leaf is large, green with a bluish tint, juicy, very fragrant.
The variety is characterized by unpretentiousness. Productivity for greens is 1.4-4.1 kg/m2, for spices 2.9-6.7 kg/m2.
Valued for the uniform formation of juicy and tender greens, a long period of economic shelf life. 
Recommended for drying, freezing, preparing various seasonings, salting and pickling.
Sowing in the ground is carried out at the end of April - beginning of May.
1.0 g = 600-800 seeds.

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