Anethum graveolens L.
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Dill "Common" (organic seeds) - Anethum graveolens.
Productive, mid-early variety with green fragrant leaves. Fresh, dried or frozen leaves, inflorescences and stems are eaten.
To have dill greens throughout the summer, sow it every 10 days until mid-June and from August 10 to September 5. For sowing 10 m2, 20.0 g is sufficient (1.0 g = 500-600 seeds).
After sowing, dill germinates within 65–75 days; in a greenhouse or under a canopy, it can be harvested after 40–50 days.
Agricultural technology.
Seeds germinate at a temperature of +3+5°С, seedlings easily tolerate spring frosts.
Demanding light and moisture, but does not like waterlogging. The best soils are loose chernozems, as well as sandy loams rich in humus and light loams, free from weeds. Seeds are sown in the ground in early spring or autumn in rows every 30-45 cm to a depth of 2-3 cm. Seedlings appear after 10-12 days. The plant ripens 30-45 days after sowing.
For greens, dill is grown in greenhouses and greenhouses. Care comes down to loosening, watering, weeding and top dressing.
Harvesting: dill is harvested for greenery, at a plant height of 20-25 cm and sown 5-6 times per season.
For harvesting, the green mass is dried in ventilated rooms. Store in a tightly closed container.
Dill is harvested for seeds when 60-70% of the seeds in the umbrellas become brown.

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