Anethum graveolens L.
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Dill "Common".
Medium mature, fertile kind. Dill is one of the most popular seasoning and medical plants. Easy to grow, are tolerant to shade.
If you want fresh dill all summer, sow every 10 days. 10 m2 of sowing space requires 20 g of seeds. Green and dried leaves, blossoms, sterns are used for food.
Suitable for freezing and canning.

Helpful Hint: Ladybugs are great allies in pest control. To attract them to the greenhouse, plant dill next to the cucumbers. Ladybugs really like its smell during flowering.


* Dill is a favorite addition to all dishes.
Annual herbaceous plant of the umbrella family 50-120 cm high. Photophilous and cold-resistant. The best soils are sandy loam, light loamy, well cultivated and neutral.
Dill can be sown from early spring to late autumn. To obtain a conveyor, sowing is carried out every 15-20 days. Can be grown as a sealant.
The seeding rate of dill is 3-4 g / m2. Planting depth 1-2 cm. Row spacing 15-25 cm.
When grown on greens, you do not need to thin out.
When grown for salting, 5 cm is left between the plants.
Care consists in loosening, weeding and watering.
Harvesting for greens begins 30-40 days after sowing.

* Dill has been known since ancient times. It is grown as a spice and medicinal plant. In ancient Greece, dill was used to decorate bouquets of flowers, and bunches of dill were given to valiant warriors.
Today, dill leaves and stems are a favorite and irreplaceable addition to almost all dishes. At the beginning of seed ripening, dill is used for salting and pickling vegetables, for pickling cabbage.
Since dill has a very strong refreshing aroma, it is usually not combined with other spices.
All aerial parts of dill contain essential oil, a significant amount of carotene, vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, P, as well as mineral salts of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron.
In folk medicine, dill is used as a diuretic for pilonephritis and kidney stones, as a diaphoretic and expectorant for colds.
Fruit powder and herb decoction are indicated for gastritis with low acidity, liver and biliary tract diseases.
Fresh dill greens have a good effect on digestive upset.
The fruits are used for insomnia and to enhance milk secretion in lactating women.

Eng.: Dill. Sven.: Dill. Suom.: Tilli. Bot.: Anethum graveolens.

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