Anethum graveolens L.
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Dill "Kurland" (Curland).
Highly aromatic and bountiful!
Mid-season variety of low bush dill. The rosette of leaves is raised. The plant has vigorous growth.
The leaf is large, strongly dissected, and green. Very responsive to regular watering.
1 g = 600-800 seeds.

Agricultural technology.
Dill is a cold-resistant, photophilous plant. Prefers fertile moist soils.
Sowing: from mid-March to July, dill seeds are sown on prepared soil without incorporation, but with obligatory 2-3 cm peat mulching. Seedlings appear on the 10-15th day.
To obtain earlier greenery, dill is sown before winter on frozen soil and covered with 2-3 cm of peat.
Care: consists of loosening row spacings, weeding, watering and top dressing. For top dressing throughout the growing season, we recommend a complex water-soluble mineral fertilizer.
Harvest: May-September. With repeated sowing and harvesting, the yield can reach up to 10 kg of green mass per 1 m2, and for spices - up to 7 kg per 1 m2.

Eng.: Dill. Sven.: Bladdill. Suom.: Tilli.

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