Anethum graveolens
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Dill "Turkus".
A super-aromatic variety with an excellent, refreshing taste!
Early ripening: from full germination to harvesting for greens, it takes 25-35 days. The plant is compact, 90-105 cm high, with basal rosettes at the base of the stem. The leaf is long, strongly dissected, dark green with a pronounced waxy coating.

* Dill is able to accumulate nitrates.
In this regard, one should not get carried away with nitrogen fertilizers when growing this crop: in areas fertilized with manure, it is generally better not to feed dill with nitrogen, therefore, the dose of urea in dressings on ordinary soils should not exceed 2 g per 1 m2.
It is not recommended to add ammonium, calcium and sodium nitrate under dill, because. these substances increase the content of nitrates, and 25-45 days before harvesting, the top dressing must be stopped altogether.
Nitrates mainly accumulate in stems and roots (50% higher in stems than in leaves). Therefore, it is better to use the stems for cooking first courses, for pickling and pickling vegetables, and for children's and diet food, in salads - only leaves. Soaking dill leaves and stems in water for 2 hours will reduce the concentration of nitrates in dill by 15-20%.

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