Centaurea cyanus
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Cornflower "Black Ball double" - Centaurea cyanus.
Valued for the beautiful unusual color of the inflorescences and ease of cultivation, abundant and long flowering.
The plant is an annual, up to 80 cm high with inflorescences in baskets, 5-6 cm in diameter, black in color. Widely used in amateur floriculture for landscaping rabatok, in group plantings and for cutting.
Small bouquets of cornflowers are elegant and keep fresh in water for a long time.
Blooms from June until frost.
Agricultural technology.
It is cold-resistant, photophilous enough. It grows well in a sunny area with loose fertile soil. Seeds are sown in April-May in open ground or before winter. Seedlings are thinned out, maintaining a distance between plants of 10-20 cm.
Vigorous development and abundant flowering can be obtained by feeding plants with organic and complete mineral fertilizers, starting 7-10 days after thinning and continuing at intervals of 10-14 days.

Eng.: Garden cornflower, bachelor's buttons. Suom.: Ruiskaunokki, ruiskukka. Sven.: Blåklint, blågubbar, blåklätt. Bot.syn.: Cyanus segetum Hill.

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