Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "Dar" - a dwarf variety from Poland, producing medium-large (8-10 cm long) cylindrical fruits with a delicate taste and a dense compact bush, rather small in size: 50 cm high and 20 cm wide.
The fruits are not bitter, so they are suitable for making salads and sandwiches. The delicate, thin peel allows these cucumbers to be consumed whole without peeling them.
Also great for marinating and preserving. It blooms profusely with bright yellow flowers, which makes it also a very ornamental plant.
Cucumber "Dar" is intended for cultivation through seedlings or direct sowing of seeds into the ground. Seeds are sown in open ground from mid-May to early August.
Place 1-2 seeds in each hole 20-25 cm apart. To prepare seedlings, sow individual seeds from mid-April in peat pots. Seedlings are transplanted into the ground in the second half of May or early June.
Seeds germinate in 5-10 days. The cultivation area should be sunny and warm, and the soil should be fertile, moderately moist, neutral and enriched with compost.
When growing in containers, we recommend using standard garden soil. Cucumbers are harvested from July to August.

Did you know that ... in temporary film shelters, tunnels, cucumbers are grown without forming. Cucumber lashes cannot be turned over and shifted from place to place - this will reduce the yield.
This applies to all varieties and hybrids of cucumber. In addition to adhering to agrotechnical practices when growing cucumbers, in order to obtain high yields, it is necessary to choose the right varieties.

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