Tropaeolum nanum
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Top flowering double "Cherry Rose".
Delicate, double, light cherry flowers!
The unpretentiousness and brightness of flowering, along with a pleasant aroma, made this variety of nasturtium extremely popular: the spectacular flowers with spurs of this dwarf beauty simply radiate with cherry-pink lights against a background of lush greenery, decorating balconies, flower beds and flower beds throughout the summer.
Sowing: before sowing, the seeds are soaked for a day in a small amount of water, pre-filled with hot water (+40+50°C).
Planted in open ground at the end of May at a distance of 12-25 cm from each other.
Care: Nasturtium prefers moderately fertile, light, well-drained soil and watered early in growth.
Topdressing should be carried out only before flowering with an interval of 7-10 days with a solution of complex mineral fertilizer.
Flowering: June to frost.

Eng.: Dwarf Nasturtium. Suom.: Pensaskõynnökrasi. Sven.: Dvärgkrasse.

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