Echium amoenum
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Bugloss "Red Feathers" - Echium amoenum = Echium orientale.
Excellent honey plant.
Flowering period: May-August.
Winter hardiness zone: Z3-Z9.
Flowering plant height: 35 cm.
Reddish-red compact flower stalks, narrow foliage.
Soil: grows quickly and develops well on light, calcareous, fertilized soil. Does not tolerate damp places.
Reproduction: seeds. In early April, they are sown for seedlings, dive into pots, and in mid-May, they are planted in a permanent place. You can sow directly into the ground in late April - early May, but flowering will come later, as the seeds germinate 2-3 weeks after sowing. Shoots are thinned out, leaving a distance of at least 45 cm between plants. Only under such conditions will each of them have enough space for normal development.
Usage: a bruise is planted in prefabricated flower beds in groups or along the edge as a border. But it looks best in flowerpots, when its stems hang down, bending beautifully.
Especially organically, the bruise is part of the compositions in flower beds and borders, decorated in pink and blue tones. Its flowers attract many insects - bees, butterflies and especially bumblebees. Looks good in rock gardens.

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