Lobelia pendula
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Edging lobelia "Blue with Eye Cascade" - Lobelia pendula.
Lobelia is a sun-loving plant, but it grows well in semi-shaded areas on balconies that face the northeast and northwest. Its flowing graceful shoots up to 35 cm long are covered with small, up to 1.5 cm, two-lipped flowers located on short pedicels in the leaf axils. Blooms from June to September. The flowers are bright blue with a white eye.
Agricultural technology.
Propagated by seeds, which are sown in February - April. Lobelia seeds are small, for uniformity of crops they are mixed with dry sand in a ratio of 1:50 and not buried in the soil. From above, the crops are covered with a film or glass. Shoots appear in 9-10 days. In May, the plant is planted in vases, planters, balcony boxes.
For abundant flowering, it is necessary to cut off faded shoots in a timely manner.

Lobelia pendula Blue Fountain

Eng.: Edging lobelia, fountains lobelia. Suom.: Riippalobelia, sinielvikki. Sven.: Kaplobelia. Bot. syn.: Lobelia erinoides L.

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