Lobelia erinus pendula
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Ampelous lobelia "Sapphire" - Lobelia erinus pendula.
An annual plant with hanging or creeping stems 25-30 cm long. The total plant height is 10-15 cm.
Used for growing on balconies, hanging baskets and outdoor vases.
Sowing: for seedlings in February-March. After the appearance of the first two true leaves, the seedlings dive. It is better to cut out in small groups of several seedlings. They are planted in open ground in May-June, when the threat of frost has passed. The distance between plants is 10-15 cm. Any humus-rich garden soil, sunny or semi-shady location is suitable.
Care: for abundant and long-term flowering, periodic feeding and good watering in dry weather are necessary. In August, the plants must be cut low, fed, loosened and watered, then the second flowering will come, which will last until frost.
Bloom: June-October.
Lobelia goes well with all bright annuals (chamomile, alyssum, pelargonium, white petunia, bells...).

Eng.: Edging lobelia, Fountains lobelia. Suom.: Sinilobelia, sinielvikki. Sven.: Kaplobelia, lobelia. Bot. syn.: Lobelia erinoides L.

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