Solanum melongena L.
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Eggplant "Spany" F1.
Taste quality is excellent!
Mid-season eggplant hybrid of Italian breeding for film shelters: perfectly sets fruits even in unstable summers.
From germination to maturity 112-118 days.
The plant is tall. The hybrid is characterized by high fruit set and resistance to sudden changes in temperature.
The fruit is dark purple with a strong gloss, the flesh is white, excellent taste.
Recommended for home cooking and canning.
1,0 g = 260 seeds.
Agricultural technology.
Sowing for seedlings is carried out in late February - early March, picking - in the phase of one or two true leaves. Planting seedlings under film shelters - in mid-May, in open ground - in early June.
Planting scheme 60x40 cm. By the time of planting, the seedlings should be in the budding phase, having a height of about 25 cm with 6-10 true leaves. Plants are tied up and formed into 2 stems, stepchildren and shoots directed inside the bush are removed, and later - leaves on the main stems of the plant (up to the first fork).
By the end of July, 5-6 largest ovaries are left on the plant, the rest of the flowers and ovaries are removed. For good growth and abundant fruiting, plants need timely watering, regular weeding, loosening and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

Eggplants, Paprika and Tomatoes

Eng.: Eggplant. Suom.: Munakoiso, munahedelmä. Sven.: ÄGGPLANTA, Aubergine.

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