Lavandula angustifolia
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True lavender.
A perennial with an amazing aroma!
Plant height 30-50 cm. The leaves are linear, silvery-greenish-gray, with delicate pubescence. The flowers are small, collected in interrupted spike-shaped inflorescences, lavender. Blooms in July-August.
Used for rocky slides, to create a fragrant border framing flower beds. Grows well in pots.
Agricultural technology.
The plant prefers a sunny place, dry, moderately fertile soils. Sowing for seedlings is carried out in the second half of January - February to a depth of 3 mm.
The planting container is placed for 14 days in a refrigerator at a temperature of +5°C. Then the seeds germinate at a temperature of +15+21°C for a month. When the seedlings grow up, they dive according to the 5x5 cm pattern. In May, the seedlings are planted in a permanent place.


Eng.: Common lavender, English lavender, True lavender. Suom.: Tähkälaventeli. Sven.: Äkta lavendel. Bot. syn.: Lavandula officinalis Chaix., Lavandula delphinensis Jord ex Billot, Lavandula spica L., Lavandula vera DC.

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