Erigeron speciosus L.
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Fleabane daisy "Pink Juwel" - Erigeron speciosus.
Perennial from the Asteraceae family.
Flower color: lilac-pink.
Height with flowers: 70 cm.
Flower diameter: 5 cm.
Natural flowering period: June - August.
Winter hardiness zones: Z3 – Z9. Frost-resistant, does not require shelter for the winter.
Prefers sunny places, but tolerates partial shade. It is undemanding to the soil.
Propagated by seeds and dividing the bush. 1.0 g = 2800 seeds.
Seeds are sown in boxes or ridges of open ground in the spring (can be sown in the fall). The seeding depth is 0.3-0.5 cm. At a soil temperature of +15 °C, seedlings appear on the 20-30th day. Seedlings dive in the phase of one true leaf, and are planted in a permanent place in June, maintaining a distance of 30 cm between plants. The bushes are divided and replanted in the spring or in late August - early September.

Daisy Fleabane. Bot. syn.: Stenactis speciosa Lindl.

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