Matthiola bicornis
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Evening scented stock "Rosa Lilac" - Matthiola bicornis.
A modest and undemanding plant with a wonderful aroma in the evening hours.
The scent of the night violet is the scent of a carefree childhood that can be remembered on quiet evenings from June to August ...
One sprig of mattiola is enough to fill the whole house with a sweet aroma ...

Matthiola bicornis Öölevkoi

Annual. The bush is not very branched, the stems are straight. Small flowers of lilac shades are collected in loose racemose inflorescences.
The plant is light-loving, cold-resistant, grows best on loamy non-acidic soils. Easily propagated by sowing seeds in spring and autumn.
Used in flower groups.
Sowing time: May.
Blossoming: July, August.
Planting method: open ground.
Plant height: 30-50 cm.
Distance between plants: 15 cm.
Row spacing: 20 cm.

Öölevkoi Matthiola bicornis
Evening scented stock, night scented stock. Bot. syn.: Matthiola longipetala (Vent.) DC.

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