Gaillardia pulchella flore pleno
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Terry Indian Blanket (mixture of colors) - Gaillardia pulchella flora pleno.
A very attractive blend of terry Gaillardia: fluffy pom-poms woven from tiny stars.
An annual plant 35-50 cm high, the stem and leaves of which are covered with soft hairs.
Inflorescences up to 6-7 cm in diameter, on long peduncles. The flowers are ligulate, serrated, open in the form of stars.
Blooms profusely from July to November.
They are used for group plantings, ridges, mixborders and cutting.
The plant is quite drought-resistant, prefers a sunny place. Grows well on light soils.
Seeds are sown in March-April in seedling boxes or in May in open ground. At a soil temperature of + 20 + 25 ° C, seedlings appear on the 10th day.
Seedlings are planted in the ground at the end of May with caution, trying to preserve a clod of earth. The distance between plants is 20-25 cm.

Indian Blanket, firewheel.

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