Allium fistulosum L
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Wintry green onion "Snow Queen" F1.
The earliest tender greens and a stable source of vitamins in spring!
Unpretentious perennial, characterized by high frost resistance. In one place it grows up to 4-6 years.
An early ripe hybrid variety for salad purposes (the period from full germination to the mass death of the feather is 100-140 days).
The bulb is elongated, reduced, massive. The leaves are tender, juicy, do not coarsen for a long time. The taste is semi-sharp.
It forms a small cylindrical head with tubular leaves turning into a false stem. With regular harvesting, the leaves grow back throughout the summer.
Valued for the good taste of the pen and the opportunity to get vitamin-rich products at no extra cost two weeks earlier than other vegetables.
1 gram = 250 seeds.
Agricultural technology.
Before sowing, the seeds are soaked for 12 hours in water. Then they are dried and sown to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. Crops are mulched with humus or peat.
Greenery harvesting begins in the second year after sowing.
Sowing time: April - June.
Harvest: June - October.
Planting method: open ground.
Distance between plants: 25-30 cm.
Distance between rows: 40 cm.

A long lasting onion, cultivated for its top used in soups, sauces, spreads and salads. It is rich in vitamin C. It is multiplied by sowing, separation of bunches and by seedlings.
The seeds are sowed in April and the seedlings are used for multiplication by the half of august. The most common method is separation of bunches in July to August.
The tops can be picked all year long except extremely cold winters. Because of its endurance this variety grows also during the wintertime and in the spring it provides an early yield of tops.

Eng.: Bunching onion, Wintry green onion, Welsh Onion, Fistular Onion, Multiplier Onion, Stone Leek. Suom.: Pillisipuli, talvisipuli. Sven.: Salladspurjo.

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