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Fizimite - microelement fertilizer to increase plant fertility.
(Cu - 0.7%, Mn - 0.7%, Zn - 0.7%).
A unique, nourishing, plant-protecting combination of surfactants and micronutrients.
FIZIMITE® strengthens plants, reliably increases their productivity and naturally improves the plant protection system. Trace elements are absorbed from both sides of the leaves and quickly enter the plants, activating physiological processes.
Physically, FIZIMITE® washes the surface of plants, and provides cleanliness, and shine, which increases the assimilation surface, improves the presentation.
When using FIZIMITE® as recommended, plants are protected from the following symptoms: leaf curl, deformation, hiding power, yellow spots on both sides of the leaves due to damage, cobweb formation between the leaves, as well as leaf drop, poor plant growth and development.
FIZIMITE® is designed for use on all edible and ornamental plants.
* There is no spraying interval before harvest.
*Suitable for year-round use.
* Give plants a cleaner, brighter look.
* Helps plants recover, and stay healthy.
* Improves productivity.
* Easy to use.
Norms and terms of use.
Application rate: 1.0 l/ha of FIZIMITE® diluted with 1000 l of water or 100 ml of FIZIMITE® diluted with 100 l of water.
Consumption: 10 ml per 10 litres of water. The surface of the plants should be covered as evenly as possible with the spray solution. In order for plants to better absorb nutrients, we recommend that you carefully spray the top and bottom of the leaf weekly.
Solution preparation.
Shake well before use! To prevent excessive foaming, pour the required amount of water into the spray tank and add FIZIMITE®, mixing thoroughly. Spray only diluted. Do not exceed spray standards. Keep container tightly closed.
ATTENTION: do not use metal containers for preparing the solution!
• Make sure spray equipment is clean before use.
• Some plants may be more susceptible to stress or scorching, especially in hot weather. Therefore, it is recommended to spray on a small test area first.
Store at a temperature from +10 to +25ºС, tightly closed, in the original packaging, in a dry, ventilated place, out of reach of strangers. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed and away from direct sunlight.
Composition: copper (Cu) 0.7%, manganese (Mn) 0.7%, zinc (Zn) 0.7%.

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