Chrysanthemum parthenium (L.) Bernh.
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Bachelors buttons "White Stars" (Flirtwort).
Unpretentious and cold-resistant annual. Bushy plant 20 cm high. Inflorescences - baskets, up to 3 cm in diameter.
It blooms profusely and continuously throughout the summer. They are used for planting in groups, on ridges, in borders.
1,0 g = 4500-5000 seeds.

Tanacetum parthenium, Lõhnav neitsikummel

* Chrysanthemum parthenium (Tanacetum, pyrethrum) - comes from Southern Europe.
A perennial plant cultivated as an annual. The bush is compact, strongly branched, up to 50 cm tall. The leaves are pinnately dissected or deeply cut, petiolate, softly pubescent, light or yellow-green. Basket inflorescences with a diameter of 1.5-3 cm, in many forms are terry, collected in apical inflorescences, white or yellow.
Blooms 80-100 days after sowing. It blooms profusely and for a long time from July to the end of August.
The seeds are small, rod-shaped, cream-colored, 1 g contains 4500-5000 pcs. Germination persists for at least three years. In culture since antiquity.
Location: girlish feverfew is a light-loving, rather cold-resistant plant. He is assigned a sunny place with limed, medium-fertile, drained soil.
Care: consists in watering in dry weather and top dressing. If the plant is grown as a perennial, then the faded stems are cut off in the fall and the ground around the bush is mulched. If aphid attacked, then it is enough to remove the affected plants.
Reproduction: by seeds.
Usually grown in seedlings. Seeds are sown in March, planting to a depth of 3 mm. They are kept at a temperature of about + 18 ° C, dive into cups or pots once. In May, they are planted in place after hardening, at a distance of 25-30 cm. Young plants endure light frosts, and adults in autumn and stronger frosts (up to minus 4 ° C).
In areas with mild winters, Matricaria can be grown as a perennial. In this case, the seeds are sown in May-June in the ground, at the end of summer they are planted in a permanent place. Plants bloom the next year in June. This culture can also be propagated by cuttings in the middle of summer.
Usage: low grades are very good in borders, outdoor flowerpots, balcony boxes. They keep fresh for a long time when cut.

Tanacetum parthenium Lõhnav neitsikummel Chrysanthemum parthenium Хризантема девичья Feverfew, bachelor's buttons, featherfew, featherfoil, flirtwort, wild camomile. Suom.: Reunuspäivänkakkara. Sven.: Mattram.  Bot. syn.: Chrysanthemum parthenium Chrysanthemum praeltum Leucanthemum parthenium Matricaria capensis Matricaria eximia Matricaria parthenium Pyrethrum parthenium Reunuspäivankakkara Mattram Пиретрум девичий

Eng.: Feverfew, bachelors buttons, featherfew, featherfoil, flirtwort. Suom.: Reunuspäivänkakkara. Sven.: Mattram. Bot. syn.: Chrysanthemum parthenium (L.) Bernh., Chrysanthemum praeltum Vent., Leucanthemum parthenium (L.), Matricaria capensis hort., Matricaria eximia, Matricaria parthenium L., Pyrethrum parthenium (L.)

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