Brassica oleracea L.
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Flowering Cabbage "Peacock" F1 (mix).
Frost resistant! The most carved leaves! In autumn and even winter, your garden will be bright and fabulous!
Hybrid form with amazingly carved rosettes of leaves. The plant is 20-25 cm tall and up to 45 cm in diameter.
The large outer leaves have a fringed edge and the large head consists of intricately folded leaves.
Used for borders and group plantings.

* Ornamental cabbage from the "Peacock" series (Japanese selection) is not in vain considered one of the best decorations for the autumn garden. The variety is cold-resistant, perfectly tolerating both short-term drops in temperature below -5°C and humid conditions, due to the deeply serrated leaves that do not allow moisture to accumulate. The plant forms a large rosette of serrated leaves on a thick, strong stem, 25-30 cm high.
You can get lost in the “thickets” of this ornamental cabbage, and the carved foliage of stunning colors resembles the long feathers of a huge fantastic bird. She will amaze everyone with her unusual appearance and will be a welcome guest in any garden. Charming and elegant - it will shine both in a garden dance and in a vase.
The plant reaches its maximum decorative effect, brightly colored rosettes, with the onset of autumn frosts.

Dekoratiivne kapsas Decorative cabbage
Flowering Cabbage.

* Ornamental cabbage can delight you until the New Year if you transplant it into a large flower pot and bring it indoors.

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