Beta vulgaris L. var. Crassa Mansf.
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Fodder beet "Eckendorf Red".
Nutritious food for pets.
Mid-season, highly productive variety. The growing season is 108-118 days.
The root crop is cylindrical, large. The pulp is pink-white, juicy.
It grows protruding 2/3 above the ground. Each root vegetable reaches a length of 25-27 cm and weighs from 250 to 950 g.
A valuable feed crop with a high content of sugar, vitamin C, proteins, carbohydrates and mineral salts.
Recommended as pet food. Ideal for fattening livestock and poultry.
The variety is valued for its stable yield, resistance to flowering, uniformity of root crops and high nutritional value.
Sowing is carried out in May, to a depth of 3 cm.
Sowing pattern: 20 x 45 cm. Optimal soil temperature for seed germination is +20+22°C.

Fodder beet. Beta vulgaris L. var. Crassa Mansf.

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