Fragaria vesca var. alpina
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Remontant strawberry "Rugia" - Fragaria vesca.
An unsurpassed variety of remontant strawberries, which does not form a whisker at all and is valued for its high yield and continuous fruiting until late autumn.
It quickly forms a powerful bush with a huge number of inflorescences. The berries are medium in size, red and sweet, with a strong wild strawberry aroma. The variety is distinguished by its high winter hardiness, resistance to drought, major diseases and pests. Can be grown as a pot culture.
Sowing strawberry seeds is done in March-April. The seeds are mixed with sand and evenly spread over a moistened flat surface. Seedlings appear within 30 days. In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, the seedlings dive into the pots. After the appearance of 6 true leaves, they are planted in the ground with a distance between rows of 25-30 cm and between plants 15-20 cm.
Harvesting begins in July.

Eng.: Strawberry. Suom.: Mansikka. Sven.: Smultron. Bot.: Fragaria.

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