Tagetes patula nana double
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French marigold "Durango" (mix) - Tagetes patula nana double.
The abundance of terry inflorescences of various colours!
The bush is compact, 25-30 cm high, densely branched, 15-20 cm wide.
Inflorescences are anemone-shaped, terry, 5-6 cm in diameter. Plants are aligned in height and flowering time.
Blooms from July to August.
Look great in borders, flower beds, go well with phlox, dahlias, asters, geraniums.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is photophilous, drought-resistant. Prefers fertile and sunny places (can grow with slight shading).
Seeds are sown for seedlings in March-April in loose compost, evenly distributed over a moistened surface, sprinkled with a thin layer (up to 5 mm).
Cover with cardboard or an opaque film, put in a warm place, excluding direct sunlight.
At a soil temperature of +18°C shoots appear in 7-15 days. Seedlings are kept at a moderate temperature, dive in the phase of 2 true leaves.
Grown plants in the phase of 2-3 true leaves dive into separate pots and put in a cooler place.
Planted in open ground in late May - early June (when the threat of late spring frosts has passed) with a distance between plants when planting 20-30 cm.
Sowing in open ground is possible.
Marigolds are undemanding to the quality of the soil and tolerate transplanting well in a flowering state.
They are thermophilic (prefer well-lit places), although they can grow in partial shade.
Drought tolerant, however, marigolds need to be watered during long periods of dry and hot weather.
They respond well to loosening the soil and applying organic and mineral fertilizers, and regular removal of wilted inflorescences stimulates re-blooming.

Eng.: French marigold. Bot.: Tagetes patula nana double. Bot. syn.: Tagetes corymbosa Sweet, Tagetes remotiflora Kunze.

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